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The Rehash

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

We find ourselves in uncertain times, but we want you to be certain we are trying to do our part in supporting you all , we aim to trial some things in-house, and aim to get a few resources to you all. With re-entering the studio it may be some time before we can do that again. Therefore we are refocusing our efforts in finding ways to provide you guys with value, and services on the Mental Health front, or just bring the joy or the arts to you in our own homes.

Now with that in mind lets move onto talking about the future for EQDC, but firstly let's fill you in what's happened since the last instalment of the blog.

On the back end of Feb we did our final RnD of Treading Water which we dubbed the "Rehash Week". Where we took our efforts from our July RnD 2019 (Part2) which went really well, and put them back into the May 2019 RnD (Part1).

The aim was to have a draft of the full production made, however the new version of Part 1 went too well! For TW this is great, but it meant we ran out of time to finish putting the rest of it together. We thank our dancers for doing such a great job, and with the small private sharing (which we always tend to do for all our RnDs) again we showed that TW's process and content is consistent! We know for certain we have something great, now is just making the journey to preview . Dancers Feat: Eva Escrich Gonzalez, Rachel Greer, Lauren Stewart, Valentina Foschi.

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