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Love Your Mind

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

We mentioned in previous posts online how we wanted to make “Love Your Mind” an event for gatherings of sorts where artists can come together and connect, and if appropriate/comfortable to do so, talk about certain issues in the industry that may be affecting their mental health. This was the original idea for Love Your Mind.

After discussing this concept in a meeting, however about a week later we received an email from Blue Elephant Theatre in response to our submission for their Elefeet Dance Festival. BET said they would like to have us. We submitted just one of our works Stigma MH about Male Mental Health, but then they told us we could have an entire evening to ourselves. It was an opportunity we just couldn't say no to! Therefore we together not just Stigma MH, but and excerpt of Treading Water our ongoing production in the work, and finally have an opportunity to give our members a chance to show work. Ana De Albuquerque presented her film P.S Amate ( a dance film about solitude, and loneliness) to make up a triple bill show to help create..."Love your Mind" A mental health dance evening.

Blue Elephant Theatre is where Artistic Director David showed his first profession work, so it’s fitting his first ever produced show would happen there as well alongside the company, and its members. It's amazing how things come full circle.

When the time came the evening went so well! Best turnout for company yet! It was also our first decent income for the company, don’t get us wrong we still made a loss, as we are still a small dance company trying to make it, but it continues to show we are going the right direction. It’s again a process on refinement, doubling down on what works, playing to our strengths, and staying honesty, humble as we do so.

Dance Feat: Melanie Little

Photo: Becca Hunt

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