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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Hi there.

Artistic Director David West here.

As I write this we are in June 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic. This blog is titled “Journey to Preview”, and while I talk about journeys, I think about how it will unfold for you, for me, for all of us as we begin to try re-enter the current economy, and society forever changed.

How, and when will we return to theatres, go to events, enjoying the little things? Even for us at EQDC. How will we enter the studio to finish Treading Water, connect with our existing audience, supporting people in, and outside the company dynamic? We hope you can join us on this new chapter of our journey, and on how we can achieve TW getting to preview, how we can support others, how we are trying to be part of mental health conversations, and the climb we are making to make those things happen.

We would love here from you, and to tell us about your individual journeys how you are moving forward, especially those in the arts/theatre.

You can find us social media: @eqdanceco,. You can keep updated how we are tackling the current climate, and also so we can hear from you to. Alternatively you can email us at

Till then,

Stay safe,Stay Health, and Love Your Mind David, and EQDC Team.

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