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Year 2 Begins

EQ DANCE CO is now a year old!

What an amazing year thanks to all the artists we have worked with, or still working with us. We've done a lot! Here are some of the things we have done this year.

LSC (Linger/Beyond 2017, Moving Words 18/19)

Blue Elephant Theatre (2018)

C-12: Emerge Festival 2018 at The Space Theatre. (2018)

Treading Water - Company's Major Project (Current)

Movers and Shakers - Camberwell Arts Festival, performed at Longfield Hall (June 2019) Stigma MH (side project).

Throughout those experiences we've built relationships with some of those theatres, and they want to continue to work with us into the future, especially with our "Treading Water' project! Exciting times!!!

Treading Water is due to go through a rehash, bringing together all that we've learnt while developing this year, bringing us closer to a final product!

With Year 2 we will be working on the infrastructure within the company to improve things for us, which ultimately improve things for all of you, giving you all more value.

Your feedback helps drive what we do, so keep it coming!

Keep your eyes up for these changes on the website, and also our social media platforms!

Till then, take care.

David West

Artistic Director

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