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Treading Water

What is Treading Water?


The story is about self-reflection – something we’ve all had a lot of time to do this year! – and a general dissatisfaction at the state of things. It follows two main characters, Jo and Ashley, at two different stages of their lives, as children in school and as teachers some time later at that same school. Each half of the piece takes place in a different points in the character's lives.

To this point ‘Treading Water’ has been a self-funded venture with two micro RnDs to develop each half of the story, and a seven day consolidation RnD to bind the previous work into one piece.


The great irony is that the piece would more than likely have been to preview at this stage, as that was our next step, but now we are looking to adapt it.

Based on the previous RnDs, we are looking to do a further two weeks of artistic development to finish our previous work and polish it, and a week to adapt it to the available outdoor spaces we may find ourselves in 



Part 1: MAY 2019

Part 2: JULY 2019

The REHASH: FEB 2020


Josh Baker-Mendoza


Part 1 by Charlie Dunne,


Part 2, and "The Rehash' by Becca Hunt

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