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Hey...Its been a while

Hi everyone.

Artistic Director David here. I know its all been quiet on the website, and on social network or not as busy as we would like! However we now have a lot of new changes on the website. Most importantly including opportunities as we are now holding AUDITIONS!

We feel now is the time that we should inject new blood into the company, and get set to go full steam ahead on our other projects as well as our major one this year "TREADING WATER"! I've been busy learning to produce on ELD's Fi.ELD program, obtaining new sources of revenue, and in turn all to give you guys more value!!!!! So go ahead check out all the new stuff on the website, with more detailed information to come out on social media very, very soon!

This week will also be our ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY! BREAK OUT THE BALLOONS!!!

Thank you for everyone that has supported us this year, and we look forward to new members to our audiences, the company, and collaborators to join the EQ Family.

Best, David West

Artistic Director EQ Dance Co.

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