Treading Water

Began May 13th 2019

Writer/Collaborator: Josh Baker-Mendoza

Locations/Studio Spaces: 

Chisenhale Dance Space

OH! Studios.



We finish our final RnD of the TW back in February 2020 which we dubbed "The Rehash", and now we aim to go towards final production, and preview.

Next dates: TBC




   Side Project


This work is about male mental health in particular around the subject of Masculinity, and the spectrum of what that is/and/or could be. This work has been developed both at LSC's "Moving Words," and a small RND we did in July 2019. Which has help developed the concept with us talking about male mental health in marginalised groups like the LGBTQ, and also people you surround yourself with/the company we keep.

Next steps: Is to bring together these two versions of this work in a full week of RnD process to create a full body of work, so that we feel like we are doing the concept justice. We are even looking at formatting it as an installation piece potentially, as well as for the stage.




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